Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Golu 2014

This year my theme is "Ramayana tales" .  I have created the following 14  scenes from Ramayana and I have made some of the  dolls myself with polymer clay.  I made all the props for the scenes.  

Also, as a return gift I created my own "Ramayana adventures" game in the lines of monopoly board game. I thought this will be an interesting way to get our children to learn the great epic. 

* Bala kanda: Birth of Rama  (Handmade cradles)
* Bala kanda: Thadaka vadam (Handmade backdrop)
* Bala kanda: Sita swayamvar (Handmade Rama doll )
* Ayodhya kanda: Guhan helps Rama cross Ganga. (Handmade boat, Rama, Sita and Lakshmana dolls)
* Ayodhya kanda: Bharatha rules under Rama padhuka (Handmade padhuka and throne)
* Aranya kanda: Ravana tricks Sita to cross Lakshman rekha (Handmade hut)
* Aranya kanda: Ravana abducts Sita in Pushpaka vimana and Jatayu fights him. (Handmade pushpaka vimana)
* Kishkindha kanda: Rama meets Sugreeva (Handmade mountain)
* Sundara kanda: Hanuman challenges Ravana in court (Handmade Ravana and Hanuman dolls)
* Sundara kanda: Hanuman sets Lanka on fire (Handmade fire props)
* Sundara kanda: Hanuman meets Sita in Ashoka Vanam (Handmade tree)
* Yuddha kanda: Vanara sena builds a bridge to Lanka 
* Yuddha kanda:  Hanuman brings Sanjeevani herb to save Lakshmana
* Rama Pattabhishekam

Monday, July 7, 2014

GOLU 2013

Its been long since I updated my blog. Forgot to put together my golu pics for 2013. I had arranged the golu steps in a snake and ladder theme and built a park with nursery rhyme theme. My daughter's favorite rhymes and stories can be seen in the park :) Sahana was just a year and a half old and she enjoyed looking at the park and reciting her favorite rhymes every morning.  I didn't have to baby proof the golu. My kutti was such a darling not to disrupt the arrangements.

Rain rain go away

Old mac donald had a farm

The hare and the tortoise

Mary had a little lamb

Thirsty crow

Kaka, Pati, Vada and Nari story

Jack and Jill went up the hill...

The monkey and the crocodile

Madu mekum kanna... ne poga vendam sonnain

London bridge is falling down ... Row row row a boat

Humpty dumpty sat on a wall ...

Twinkle twinkle little star and nilla nilla oodi va