Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Golu 2014

This year my theme is "Ramayana tales" .  I have created the following 14  scenes from Ramayana and I have made some of the  dolls myself with polymer clay.  I made all the props for the scenes.  

Also, as a return gift I created my own "Ramayana adventures" game in the lines of monopoly board game. I thought this will be an interesting way to get our children to learn the great epic. 

* Bala kanda: Birth of Rama  (Handmade cradles)
* Bala kanda: Thadaka vadam (Handmade backdrop)
* Bala kanda: Sita swayamvar (Handmade Rama doll )
* Ayodhya kanda: Guhan helps Rama cross Ganga. (Handmade boat, Rama, Sita and Lakshmana dolls)
* Ayodhya kanda: Bharatha rules under Rama padhuka (Handmade padhuka and throne)
* Aranya kanda: Ravana tricks Sita to cross Lakshman rekha (Handmade hut)
* Aranya kanda: Ravana abducts Sita in Pushpaka vimana and Jatayu fights him. (Handmade pushpaka vimana)
* Kishkindha kanda: Rama meets Sugreeva (Handmade mountain)
* Sundara kanda: Hanuman challenges Ravana in court (Handmade Ravana and Hanuman dolls)
* Sundara kanda: Hanuman sets Lanka on fire (Handmade fire props)
* Sundara kanda: Hanuman meets Sita in Ashoka Vanam (Handmade tree)
* Yuddha kanda: Vanara sena builds a bridge to Lanka 
* Yuddha kanda:  Hanuman brings Sanjeevani herb to save Lakshmana
* Rama Pattabhishekam


  1. Amazing Reva!! great enthu n patience to put the theme together... n gud attention to details.. I really loved the boat dolls, pushpaka vimanam, the hut, Raavana n many more..

  2. This is so good :) Do you know how we can get a game made like this? It really is a wonderful idea to learn as well as bring the family together

  3. @Jaya, I made this game online and printed it on foam boards. I am not sure if there is something in the stores.

  4. Hi Revathi, do you mind sharing the game picture , would like to do similar

  5. Hi Revathi, do you mind sharing the game picture , would like to do similar